Q: How much do I get paid to Fight?
A: $0 The State of MO deems it illegal for amateur Fighters to be
Fighters are given travel pay and a hotel room if traveling over
100 miles.

Q: What do I need to Fight?
A: Cup, Mouthpiece, Shorts

Q: Does it cost to Fight?
A: Registration is $25 for the Sanctioning Body

Q: Do I need a physical before I Fight?
A: The Fight Doctor will give you a physical before your fight.
But it is a good idea that you have one from your own doctor        
so that you know your own health before you decide to fight.

Q: Do I need my own gloves?
A: Gloves are provided so that everyone uses the same
approved       glove.

Q: Can I use my own Gloves?
A: Not at this time.

Q: How many tickets do I get for my family?
A: You get 1 free ticket it is usually called a spouse pass.

Q: How many corner men can I have in my corner?
A: 2

Q: What equipment does my corner men need for the fight?
A: Towels, Water, Vaseline, Gauze, Tape,

Q: Do I need a HEP/HIV Test?
A: No the state of MO does not require one at this time. I urge
every fighter to get one for their own safty.

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